Here are some manuals that will help with those day to day issues you will face with your new business. Each manual is designed to help you achieve the highest quality in customer service and create systems for your new business that will take you to the next level in small business excellence.

This manual is  Nazy and Bonn's personal  template that will  help you through that initial contact with a client, helping to build your business data base.

Tricky situations require clever solutions, Nazy and Bonn's years of experience, will help you to see issues and act on them to help restore not only  the dread, but confidence in you as a professional lokktician.

Further information on how to attach an extension seamlessly with the unique Sista System 

A written explanation on our process and  unique sectioning that makes sizing and cylindrical process easy.

A more in depth look at the Sista System sectioning and why it works every time. 

A few more tips on how to maintain lovely lokks