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Ethical Lokkticians Using the Sista system

Ethical Lokkticians

I have been asked so many times to write a blog that contains information on Lokkticians in Australia, who are ethical, have been working with us for some time, and deserve your patronage.

Bonn and I have spent many years teaching our skills, many have thought us crazy for giving our technique away, after all, we have perfected a system that is natural,  pain manageable, is easy to apply (most maintenance session take between 1 to 2 hours to complete) and gives stunning results, without loss of length or damage of hair. This is not an easy process and the people I am going to spend the next few weeks introducing you too, have been practicing this art for many moons.  The Lokkticians you will meet have not just run with the idea and spent five minutes watching a Youtube video in the hope of making a bit of cash... these professional Lokkticians have polished the art, have pride in what they do and are at the top of their industry. These lokkticians using the sista system, are all over Australia and have all trained with us.

Once you start to do your research into dreads,  you will find many lokkticians who say they have been trained by us and some of them may have started to work with us, but have not completed and are not of the high standard we expect form our branding.  To be a part of our team, Lokkticians need to be here, have a certificate and use the Sista system, of process and products, 

We have spent years perfecting our technique and products, using only dreaded people to test on,Lock Stock & Apparel our dread product rage,  does not test on animals, our packaging is ethical and we insist on our lokkticians constantly improving their skills with an ongoing forum we host online. This is our promise to you, that when we recommend a lokktician, you will be sure of excellence. 

Should you be interested in one of these lokkticians in your area, please feel free to contact them from the information you gain from the blog.

Should you want information on the course, please go here to