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My Name is Nazimova Alla Dada, or Nazy if you know me well,  and I am one of two directors at the Weirdsistas and part alchemist at LSA the fabulous dread range, made and designed with DREADS ONLY in mind.  I thought it would be a great idea that we start a story, a dreadlocked story.

This story  will feature different dread houses, and talk with them about method(s) and process.

There are so many myths, thoughts &  faiths around dreads, so many ideas and processes, so many discussions with so much passion,  we would like to travel them all, waging… responsibility, love and respect.

My journey with dreads began along time ago, it was neither successful nor really committed, I think it was a rebellion punk response, to a very homogenized normative world.  I wanted to fuck with identity and wore dreads as a palimpsest, myself a nomadic gallery, that was adorned with never ending constraint.  This story is cyclical, I see self in so many stories of rebellious youth, I see self as a lifetide of matted hair and fenny legends,  and I see a never completed weaving of thierstory.

 I feel completely innocuous,  identifying as a women who weaves her hair and stories into time, I place myself as timekeeper of my time and dexterities. Therefore I have so many multitudes of minutes to share with you as I unravel the weave of dreadlocked time.

Dreads are a lifestyle not a hair style… Tis so very true, You will determine alone, the way in which you will matt your hair, no matter, dreads are sculpture that invade our life, the outside being in and the inside being out.  Taking into account that we have many processes available to us, which process is the best… This question can not be answered, but I can say, The answer is in choice and as we drift this never ending rope we see that its stories are many and legends deep, the dread, belongs to so many, and is embraced by so many more. 

So lets begin, legends of dreads.

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