We will be adding more FAQ over time and if you have a question that is not here, please email sistasystem@gmail.com thank you

Can I purchase the tutorial and then teach someone else?  No, you have purchased this tutorial to learn the process, to maintain  your own dreads or start a small business, therefore you are not able to teach or share the information. Please refer to the confidentiality contract  you signed . Here

How long will it take me before I get quicker at the process? This depends on how many hours you put into your practice, however you will get there and we find most lokkticians are starting to take clients within the first three months.

Can I download the tutorials for watching?   Sorry the tutorials are only available online so please be sure you have access to the internet so as to be able to watch the tutorials. 

Can I pay off the course over time and can i start the training before I have finsihed paying for the course. Yes we have a payment plan you can download Here with a minimum payment of $50/week;/

Do I need to purchase LokkStokk if i'm running a business and saying i'm using the SistaSystem?  Yes you will need to have all stock on hand should you wish to use the branding SistaSystem and appear on our pages as stockists and trained lokkticians,  If you do not use the product we will assume you are not using the sistasystem and you will not appear on our pages or be advertised on our social media. 

What is the difference between the SistaSystem and the Crochet method as they both use a hook? They do both use the same tool, however the process is vastly different. The difference in the two processes is many, with the most obvious being the SistaSystem has  no loss of length, no hair breakage and is largely pain free. Where as the crochet method is very painful, always creates breakage at the root and damages the lokk causing weak spots and broken lokks. The SistaSystem is a gentle process that weaves and binds the hair into a tight cylindrical rope which over the next few months, naturally, expands to the size of the ,base-work created, where as the crochet method is reliant on harsh backcombing and teasing to create a instant size, which will eventually develop into a bulbous end. 

Im having trouble dreading with tape on.  This is something we hear all th e time, and often lokkticians will take off the tape to try to pursue the process quicker, however, you will be doing yourself a very big disfavour doing this, as you will damage your digits and then have to relearn the process, thus slowing down your ability to lokk the hair quicker.

To start a business will I require an ABN - Yes you will need to register as a sole trader here


You will need to ring the Australian Business Register 13 92 26 with any questions regarding ABN or registering your business as we will not be able to answer these questions for you. 

How much do I charge my customers when I start my business - You will work on a price structure that best suits you, we do have guide lines if you want to write to sistasystem@gmail.com and request a price list we are happy to send to you.

Will other people start to dread in my area when I open my business.  Area, is a very broad statement, we always try to work with you so you can start a business without the fear of someone opening up across the road, however, as with all business, you will need to do your homework and see what is happening in your area and make sure it is a viable area to start your business. As with hairdressing, it is a competitive business, and all we can suggest is that you begin with the very best systems in place and make sure your customer service and skill set are invaluable to your customers. 

Can I train someone else up in the sista system.  No, we are the only training school that can train in our process, if you want your staff member to be trained in the sista system and your business to remain on our books, as lokkticians trained in our method, your staff member will have to train in the course and complete an exam to be able to be qualified in our process. 

Can I contact Nazy or Bonn if I need help with my new business or process.  Although Nazy and Bonn would love to speak with you and talk you through every problem, the reality is they dont have time for that. So the best option is to come to this site first and look over all the videos and manuals as well as this FAQ section to see if it is covered. If not, please dont call them, as they will not have time to speak, but instead, email sistasystem@gmail.com with any question you might need answered. Nazy or Bonn will get back to you as soon as they can, but this can take upto a week sometimes. 

Do I need to start a facebook page for my business  It is not essential to do this, but we encourage you to, as we use Facebook and instagram to promote both the weirdsistas, lokkstockk and the sista system, as well as promoting all the lokkticians trained in our method, This is free advertising for you. So a facebook page and instagram page can be very helpful in the journey to becoming established in your area. 

To create a Page:

  1. Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  2. Click to choose a Page category.
  3. Select a more specific category from the dropdown menu and fill out the required information.
  4. Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do I need an email  Yes this is very important so we can email you answers to your questions and clients have a place to email you as well.. We rely heavily on email and it will be our first point of reference when contacting you.

Can I talk with other lokkticians that have done the course. Yes please go here for info 

My client doesn't like the smell of lokkup or has a allergy to essential oils, what do I do?  You can ask for the sent free range that is designed for this purpose.