Sista System Online Courses

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in the Sista System lokktician training course . The course structure has been  designed into two components, so you are able to gain the best possible training and start you business as quickly as possible.  

Stage one:  Online tutorials : These comprehensive tutorials are are your complete guide to Nazy and Bonn's  professional technique coined The Sista System a two part process that will allow you to create perfect locks, strong, cylindrical, natural, clean ropes, that are pain free,  chemical and wax free and with no loss of length.

The online tutorials are designed so you can choose a segment(s) that suit your needs. This could be to maintain your own dreads or that of a few friends, or you may want to begin a small business, whatever your needs we have a package to help you succeed.  Should you choose the complete set of online tutorials with onsite training, you will have access to the lokkticians login here and  be  invited.  as a wholesale agent  for Lokkstokk allowing you access to the fantastic wholesale agreement and payment plans.

Before purchasing the videos, we ask that you check the area you are interested in working, to see if any other lockticians are currently operating in the area of your choice. 

Vic - Weirdsistas  Northcote    Namaste Dreads Horsham   Scorpion Ink Tattoo Studio  Traralgon

WA - The House of Dread  Waikiki   -   Natalie Roberts Capel 

NSW - Deniliquin

SA - Funknwicked

Qld - Locknload Dreadlocks Cairns


If your area is free and you would like to begin operating as a locktician, a good starting place is to contact these lockticians above.


Below is a description of the course and what you will receive if you enrol in the video tutorials: 


Sista System Online Tutorial Courses

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in our online tutorials.

With the online tutorial package, you can either purchase one tutorial for use as maintenance on yourself and friends or the full tutorial package, which is meant as a small business opportunity.

Should you choose the full tutorial package, you will be able to also take part in our sista company LokkStokk, as a wholesale agent, allowing you access to the fantastic wholesale agreement.

You will also require tools of the trade, available at an extra cost.

The Lokktician’s starter kit contains:

1. 2 x weaver hooks
2. 1 x Hairdressing scissors

3. 1 x Hairdressing thinning scissors 4. 1 x Comb
5. 1 x Synthetic hair
6. 2 x Thumb protector

7. 1 x Tape

This Lokktician’s starter kit package is priced $150.00 and is sent to you within a week so you can start to practice and have all necessary equipment needed to make dreads.

You can also purchase all the equipment above yourself and still use the tutorial effectively.

The tutorials you will be purchasing are described below and should you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tutorial One – the Sista system Part one - is a one hour video that explains the basic levels of dreading, and maintenance, Bonn and Nazy, owners and innovators of the Sista System, talk you through the dreading process, and the tutorial allows you to watch in slow motion, how we weave the lokks without breakage, loss of length, use of wax or other nasty chemicals.

The tutorial one is designed to repeats the method from different angles, which allows you to develop your style with ease. You will require some time to gain experience, don’t rush this as you could receive injuries if too impatient. We suggest you also ask a friend if you can practice on their dreads, or book an appointment with the Weirdsistas for some in house salon experience. You are able to come to the salon once free of charge, and then if you require more time with a

lokktician, you will be asked to pay a small fee of $250.00

Tutorial one is designed for those that want to do home maintenance, keeping in mind it is always going to be more difficult on your own dreads, so practice practice practice is the answer. On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to maintain your own lokks and family members lokks and eventually other lokk maintenance with practice. The video is online and you are able to access the video as many times as needed. You will be asked to sign a confidentially agreement as this course is meant for individual use only.

Tutorial 2 - Products and how they work – this tutorial goes through all the products supplied by LokkStokk used and recommended by the SistaSystem. Again Nazy and Bonn show you how each product works, and why it works. There is certainly allot to learn in this area and is very helpful with the ability to answer those questions like, why don’t you use wax?. The Sista System is a two part system and learning about the products means you are able to not only sell more effectively, but also make sure your clients are well informed and looked after with the correct products for their lokks.

LokkStokk is an Australian company based in Victoria it is a vegan ethical business that uses all recycled

packaging in its natural process. If you purchase the complete tutorial, you also get the opportunity to buy our products at wholesale prices, which entitles you to resell at retail. This alone is a very good way to make a living as a reseller of the dreadlock product.

If you enroll for the complete course which is four video tutorials, we include one of all the LSA products.

1 x LokkUp 250ml 1 x LokkUp 50ml 1 x Khilla 50ml 1 x Bloke Block

1 x Dread Bomb 1 x Xfoliate

Tutorial 3 –Problem Solving: How do I take out wax?How do I finish off ends?How do I consult on scalp conditions such as dandruff? How do I bulk out dreads?How do I attach extensions?

This tutorial will help with the already existing process learnt in the first tutorial, it will allow you to gain allot more information on troubleshooting and how to cope with the problems that arise day to day. There are several lokk issues that we work on in the videos. You will also gain access to further information online at our secure site in manual format once you are enrolled in the course. These manuals can be downloaded and used as a reference tool.

Tutorial 4 - Full Dreads This tutorial will take you step by step through the very unique and specialized sectioning the SistaSystem likes to call, “The flower of life sectioning”

Using a unique formation of triangles and our special method of sizing, you will be able to make the smallest dreads ie matchstick, right through to a dread the size of a 20 cent piece.

This process is very important if you intend to make lokks from scratch. This unique mapping, will make perfect lokks, without the problems often seen in established lokks that have been made without considering size or scalp issues.

We do encourage you to also do two or three days onsite training which can be organized for a further fee. This will allow you attach yourself to a trained lokktician and see in motion how the process works and practice your own skills at the same time. These onsite sessions must be booked.

We hope this has explained all you need to know about the courses, but if we have missed anything, or you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we are always happy to help out, you can email us at

If you purchase the full course, once you have understood the method and feel competent to start working with your own clients, we will then invite you to take part in our lead process. This means you are advertised on our website and all social media.

Tutorial one is $400 each

Or you can purchase the full course for $1500.00


4 tutorials

1 x sample pack of LSA products

*Lokkiticans starter kit available for an additional fee* of $150.00

All payments need to be made in full or a direct debit form submitted and first payment received before commencement of course or tutorials.

If you have any further questions the FAQ page found here is very helpful.

Regards Nazy and Bonn