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Sista System Dreadlock  Course Information

Thank you for taking an interest in our Sista System Lokktician training course. The course structure has been designed as two complete packages, to allow for the best possible training.

Stage 1 - Online Video Tutorials: 

These comprehensive tutorials are your first introduction to The Sista System method. The SS is a two part process that will allow you to create perfectly strong, cylindrical and clean locks, that are completely natural, pain free and without the need for any adhesives, chemicals and with absolutely no loss of length. 

These video tutorials are designed in a way that accommodates for all manner of applicants, whether you're only interested in maintaining your own dreads or a friend’s, or if you have the desire to learn this craft to build your own business. There are two packages available to suit your specific needs. 

Four Compulsory Online  Video Tutorials

1 - OHS . Practice making dread and maintaining dreads

2 - LSA an outlined video discussing the product and how it works with the SS method

3 - . Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

4 - Full Dreads and how to sectioning using the SS method of 

sectioning known as the flower of life or sacred geometry

If you decide on package two, you will have access to many other videos online All these videos are designed to help you move through the system with ease.  

On the Floor Help Business Setup

Consultation Manuals How to set up an ABN

Maintenance Manuals Registering your business

Extensions Manuals How to buy an URL 

Full Dread Manuals Marketing & Social Media

Dread Surgery Manuals Online Websites 

Scalp and Conditions (Trichology) 

Schoology Modules 

Sista System Online Module Courses

The modules are designed to help cover a great deal of ground, you will be asked to complete each module and answer all questions at the end, before you can move to the next stage.  

The modules cover:

1 Introducing the SS 

2 OHS 

3 SS Dreadlocking method 

4 Sectioning (flower of life) 

5 Maintenance

6 Extensions 

7 Trouble shooting - Dread surgery  

8 Products - Intro to LSA

9 Small Business for the beginner 

10 Final Exam 

These modules and videos must be completed before onsite training begins 

Onsite Training -

Locations thus far 

Victoria - 

- Pascoe Vale 

- Geelong 

WA -


* We are currently designing a master class, for lokkticians that would like to teach in the areas or states they work form. This will expand our locations and make training an easier option. Currently we can offer cheap accommodation in the two states  

The onsite training covers 


- OHS  & Maintenance. (4 hours)

- Full Dread install (4 hours)

- Dread Surgery (4 hours)

Non Compulsory

- Extensions and installing (4 hours)

- Washing and deep cleansing (4 hours)

- Colouring Dreads (4 hours)

You will also  receive the lokktician’s starter kit:

1 x Hairdressing scissors 1 x Hairdressing thinning scissors

1 x comb 1 x Synthetic hair

1 x Protective tape 2 x Thumb protector

2 x weaver hooks 1 x Head for sectioning 

1 x size ring

This Lokktician’s starter kit package is sent to you within a week of completing your payment, so you have all the equipment you need to begin practise, and to make dreads. 

Video Tutorials in more detail.

1. Part one:  The Sista System

This is a one hour video, explaining the fundamentals of  maintenance. The Sista Sytem's creators take you through every element of the dreading process, including the coveted hand action that they use to weave the lokks without breakage or loss of length and without the use of wax or other nasty chemicals.

This first tutorial was created with beginners in mind. It shows every complex action, from every angle, and it is encouraged that you stop and start the video at your own leisure and pace. Some time and patience is important here, as this is a complex set of actions that you must perform simultaneously. It is helpful if you have a willing friend or participant to practise on.  Upon completion of this first tutorial, you will be proficient at the method, however your speeds will need to improve so practice is the answer, 

2. Part Two: Products and how they work

This tutorial goes through all the products supplied by LokkStokk & Apparel, used extensively in the SistaSystem. This tutorial will take you through exactly how and why each product works.  LokkStokk is an ethical business, based in Victoria, Australia. It is  vegan and uses all recycled packaging in its natural process.  Once you have  completed your course,  LSA will give you access to our wholesale agreement, which gives you the opportunity to sell Lokkstokk products in your own store. This concept alone is a completely viable way to make a living.

We include in Course two package only :

1 x LokkUp 250ml 1 x Bloke Block

1 x Dread Bomb 1 x Xfoliate

1 x pre Dread  1 x post Dread 

3.  Part Three - Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: 

How do I take out wax? How do I finish off ends? How do I consult on scalp conditions such as dandruff? How do I bulk out thin dreads? How do I attach extensions? These are but a select few of the very frequent  asked questions and issues you will run into, as a practising lokktician. This tutorial will elaborate on the skills already learned in part 1, and it will also allow you to gain necessary information on troubleshooting and how to cope with the day to day problems that you may face. It will deepen your understanding of the regular issues you will encounter as well as furthering your mastery of the system itself. 

4 .Part Four - Full Dreads:

If you've ever seen Weirdsista dreads, or seen a sista at work, you may have noticed a very specific pattern to the dreads themselves. This is no accident, and is completely by design. The distinct "flower of life" pattern is one of our greatest accomplishments, in which we use a unique geometry and a trained eye for sizing to create the smallest size, all the way to the thickest dreads you could ever want. Understanding why we implement this method, why someone might benefit from it and exactly how we execute it with precision, will take any dreadlocks you create to the worlds stage and you along with it, as a professional.   

This process is integral if you intend to make lokks from scratch, and will allow you to create perfect lokks every time, to the exact dimensions specified by your client. It also removes the risk of problems occurring later on, in the dreads life. 


We hope this has explained all you need to know about the courses, but if you have any further questions or enquiries, we are always happy to help out.  feel free to email us at

All students completing course two, will be invited to take part in our lead process, which will see you and your business advertised in all sista system web presence and social media. We have upto 5000 people land on our site a week, so this is the place to be if you want to be successful in your business model. 


* PRICING   The course has two packages


Course one Package 

Four videos 

Nine modules

Starter kit

*This does not give you access to the Sista System private Facebook page nor the marketing or advertising. This is  designed for those that do not want to open a business but instead want to do their own or family members dreads.

Total for Courses One Pack  $1000.00 


Course two Package

You will receive:

Four videos 

Nine Schoology Modules 

Starter kit, 

One of each product from LSA

Twelve hours on the floor with your selected lokkticians or location

ongoing support from the Sista system page

Advertising on our website with your location with leads sent to your email. 

Ongoing advertising from other lokkticians in the course. 

Advertising on our Social media pages (Facebook Instagram) 

Total for Courses One Pack  $1960.00


*NDA required 

LSA Wholesale agreement form must be submitted with ABN for approval 

All payments need to be made in full or a direct debit form submitted and full payment received before commencement of course or tutorials.

If you have any further questions the FAQ page found here is very helpful.

Should you want to go ahead with the course, please fill in all documents attached and email or post back to us fully signed. Then someone will be in touch as soon as possible to enrol you in the course of choice. 

Blessings, Nazy, Bonn and Jewels 

PH: 0417957430


PO Box 776 Pascoe Vale 3044 Victoria 


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