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Posted by Weirdsistas Dreadlocks on Sunday, March 29, 2015
Nazy and bonn

Nazy and bonn



Nazy and Bonn first discussed, around seventeen years ago the need for a dreadlocking system that was natural, practical and actually worked.  Both having dreadlocks, however,  we were more than aware that our dreads required two elements to be both natural and consistent; a healthy scalp and dreads that would hold and matt easily without breakage.  Over the years we have tried many methods to help achieve healthy dreads, and heard many stories from clients, vegemite, honey, silicon, hot glue gun to name just a few, but the most damaging, that is still widely used to help establish dreads, is wax..

Wax is not a product that helps to dread hair, but it does help to glue hair together, giving the impression of dreads, until..  it melts, or gathers dirt, or creates hair breakage.  

At the Sista System academy you will learn how to make dreads free of wax, glues or any other unnatural product, you will learn to matt hair using only hair and your hands a true art that will last a lifetime journey. 





Locktician Academy 

Sista system
340 High st 
Northcote Victoria