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Posted by Weirdsistas Dreadlocks on Sunday, March 29, 2015
Nazy and bonn

Nazy and bonn



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Roughly 17 years ago, Nazy and Bonn first discussed the worlds cry for a practical, natural method for creating and maintaining dreadlocks that actually served their needs, and the needs of many. Having both had dreads for many years, the two elements that seemed most important to the ideal goal were a healthy scalp, and hair that would matt together without damage or breakage. Over the years, many methods and systems were trialled to serve that purpose, and in their journey they came across some unbelievable (yet surprisingly common) ways in which people had attempted to master their lokks. This includes Vegemite, honey, sillicon, toothpaste and hot glue gun adhesive, to name a few, but by far the most prevalent evil, one that is to this day still the scourge of dreadheads worldwide; Wax.  

The  popular misconception is that wax is necessary in the production of dreadlocks, although this could not be further from the truth. It will create an initial false sense of security, in that it does a great job of sticking everything together, but eventually it will melt,  gather dirt or even degrade the hair to an unsalvageable level.

At the Sista System Academy, you will learn how to make dreads free of wax, glues or any other unnatural product. You will learn to matt hair using only your hands and the hair, itself. True mastery of this art-form will last a lifetime. 





Locktician Academy 

Sista system
93 Kent Road

Pascoe Vale 3044 Victoria