Bonn, Nazy, Alana, Robyn

Bonn, Nazy, Alana, Robyn

 Beutiful Julia x

Beutiful Julia x


What is Sista System Dreadlock Training Academy and why is it different to other dreadlock schools?


We the board of representatives, Bonn, Julia and Nazy, would like to explain a little why our courses are $2000 and not the $500 you will see from some of our competitors.

Firstly, Nazy and Bonn, have been operating as Lokkticians for nearly 18 years and seeking tuition in the area of trichology from several schools and hairdressing professionals for many of these years. As Bonn and Nazy where the innovators of the product company LSA, they also sort out theory and practical, in the areas of cosmetic and natural therapies, these credentials, obtained over the years, provide the research and development required to develop the very best dreadlocking system they can. Along with this has been the thousands of clients they have worked with and continue to work with (we have 5k on our books) who constantly provide the necessary research and development to keep our systems current.

Business Corporations

Sista System is a Pty Ltd, which is the only dreadlock school in Australia that is a corporation. This translates as a company with a business number and ABN so your course is completely deductable with the Tax department and you can see our company on the ASIC webpage, we are completely transparent and operate from a board of women, all trained in the Sista System process. This means we are all trained in business and business dealings, and can therefore offer you advise that is current and complies with the Australian standard of business.


SEO and Marketing

Our sista company Weirdsistas Pty Ltd has been a corporation for well over 16 years, again the only dreadlock company in Australia, and is on board with advertising and offering their website to all sistas, so they are able to obtain the best exposure with both SEO (websites) and social medias. The Weirdsistas have over 10k likes on facebook and this page is used regularly to advertise you and your business, WS also have a very active Instagram, twitter and google business page. The SS also encourages all sistas to get involved in advertising each other, a consideration as it is hard to start up a business in Australia and we need a model that holds each others hands, not pushing to build pyramids. (The traditional corporation standard)



The need for support in the world of Business is crucial to your success, to have a person that is experiencing the hardships you are experiencing, or a more practiced participant, that can help guide you, is not only a relief but also can mean the difference between success and failure. The sistasystem page has been developed to help with all matters of business, from technique and process to business setup and development. This page, along with the FAQ on the website, means you are never alone and can always asks for help.


Training modules

We who work behind the scenes, Nazy, Bonn, Robyn, Alana and Julia, are always looking to improve our systems and your feedback, both good and bad, allows us to develop a better structure. The structure we are currently working on is our new modules, which we are about to launch, with all our sistas being the first to experience and see it. This has taken so far nearly 9 months, we have been working on this quietly in the back ground, and this will mean the very first module training program for dreadlocks in Australia, another first. This along with the videos and onsite training, means you have a complete training package.


Again we work with a company Lock Stock Apparel Pty Ltd (LSA) which is a corporation and is also located in the ASIC company profiles. This company has been developed 8 years ago, with dreadlocks and the scalp in mind. It is an Australian only company and produces completely natural dreadlock and scalp products. LSA endeavours to make sure all your needs are met and can be contacted on for any other questions you may have. The sistasystem is a sister company of LSA and therefore can offer Sistas only, a direct debit process, which means you can order your product and pay instalments, rather then having to start large orders from the word go, which is very hard on your cash flow and often means you have no stock to start with. The wholesale agreement is very reasonable and allows you to make a profitable income from the product sales. So that you are not having to find the money to buy product in the beginning, this course supplies you with $500 worth of product to start-up your business venture. (postage will have to be paid separately) Again the only dreadlock company in Australia that has these links to companies and is able to provide such substantial business networks.

Tools of the trade

The SS provides all our lokkticians with professional tools of the trade, inclusive of hair, tapes and thimbles, so you are able to start up your business with the best possible tools. The sista system also allows you to buy wholesale from the company, again keeping down your costs.



The Sista System continues to network on your behalf to get better prices and bulk buy, using the Weirdsistas good will and years of wholesale networking, to buy cheaper and better for us all. This is not something you will find else where and again a unique part of the Sista System Dreadlock Academy.


Finally, you will be asked to partake in an exam, that once completed, will offer a technical award, which is in the format of a certificate. These can be used to put on your wall so that clients are aware of the amount of training and commitment you have made, which can reflect your prices over someone that has purchased a cheap version of this course, or watched a Utube video.

Broken down:

1 High end tuition, both in video/module format and onsite.

2 Further tuition and support via our Social media sites and Webpages.

3 Advertising and recommending you on our Sista website which sees over 5000 people land on its pages each week and encouraging other Sistas to support and advertise your site in your area.

4 Wholesale agreement with LSA and education on Dread Product.

5 $500 of product to help establish your business immediately.

6 A professional lokkticians kit at wholesale prices

7 Direct Debits to help you start-up your business and achieve retail profits.

8 An exam to ensure you have understood the process and products.

9 A certificate that you can use as support material and proof of participation


We provided all of the above and understandably, the course is worth a great deal more than the $2000

With all the above mentioned, I would like you to understand, we are 5 women, trying to make sure all this is done, along with running our businesses and often small families with children.

All our monthly meetings are done with the washing up the washing and ironing, kids and questions, clients and bookings, but we still manage to follow an agenda and write up the minutes, minutes that are often designed from comments or feedback you have given us, so thank you all.

So please, when you look over our wares and compare them to other less organised or systemised courses, do a comparison, I can guarantee you, they do not meet the standards we set for ourselves and our company.


Kindest regards

Bonn, Julia, Nazy.